The Youth Advisors of the L.I.V.E. Youth Ministry would like to say "thank you" to all of you who helped get the word out about LIVEFire Youth Church. LIVEFire is "For Youth, By Youth" and God is truly manifesting Himself through the young people!

Now that we've launched LIVEFire, we need your help to keep it moving! We are believing God that this service will grow even bigger! Since we launched LIVEFire, our young people have really been used by God to minister and to win the lost to Christ! The previous LIVEFire services hae been off da chain and we've had over 30 people come to Christ in these services! Hallelujah! 

Each second and fouth Sunday, please share in the energy, excitement, the Word and the expressions of praise to our God. In the words of the Ziklag boys, "Is Ya Baptized In Tha Fire?"



L.I.V.E. Ministry



Empowering youth to live a whole, satisfying, Christian life. 


Bring both churched and unchurched youth together to fellowship and  to educate ourselves in Christ; becoming equipped with the skills needed to live a successful life.

Elder Terris Thomas, Youth Pastor

Ministry Advisors:

Sis. Anita Barnett

Deaconess Deidra Bulger

Elder Joseph Jones

Deaconess Denese Williams