Senior Adult Ministry

Purpose of the ministry:
The Senior Adult Ministry was created to meet the need of every senior ages ranging from 50 and older, to equip them for the work of the kingdom and in the church as a whole. We hold to these truths as we follow the directives of our Mission and Vision statements through every aspect of Leadership, Discipleship and Evangelism.

Attributes of the ministry actively involved in:
1) Our telephone ministry will call members on a bi-weekly basis to check on seniors and their well being.
2) Assist in the Spiritual Health and Growing of seniors through the Word.
3) Provide enriching experiences for each senior such as trips luncheons close to home.
4) Help to meet the needs for seniors and their care, through health screening, hospital visits, home visits, nursing home visits offering assistance and prayer, but first getting their permission to come.
5) Able Seniors to assist in the team with going to prayer and visit other seniors in their homes, nursing, homes, hospitals, also getting permission to come.
6) Provide Weekly Sunday School for seniors as we teach the Word of God.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Senior Adult Ministry of Timothy Baptist Church is to Evangelize, Disciple, and Equip Senior Adults to carry the ministry of the church into the world as we advance into the Kingdom of God. We endeavor to empower Senior’s mentally, physically, and spiritually, as we believe God has called us to the specific tasks of Ministry Outreach, Helps, and Support for the senior community